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From Himara, Rama starts the "campaign" for property titles

From Himara, Rama starts the "campaign" for property titles

On the eve of the 2025 elections, Prime Minister Edi Rama seems to have started the campaign for the distribution of ownership titles from Himara.

In a meeting with Himariot residents, Rama started by attacking the DP government when it was in power at the time as he said that they prevented the registration of inherited houses.

Rama said that anyone who says today that the Himariots' properties have been taken away is a lie.

"Many injustices have been committed with AMTP, and this has prevented even the registration of inherited houses which were there and are there. Here, another layer of propagandistic meanness has been added, as if this is done to take the properties from the residents and heirs and give them to the so-called oligarchs.

You know because you live here, that the former has not a single square meter from Llogaraja to Ksamil, that has been taken from a legitimate owner and given to someone else by the state. But there are definitely serious situations that have developed in the years before we came to the government, where a dirty game has been played with AMTP, where individuals connected to the power at that time have appeared as owners and have put the heirs before an election that either to sell their property, and even if you don't sell it, you don't have to enjoy it, etc. Whoever says that the Himariots' properties were taken and passed to someone else without approval is telling a very big lie," said Rama.

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