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He is known as a dangerous person, with whom Tahiri shared his cell. The conversation between them becomes clearer after the release

He is known as a dangerous person, with whom Tahiri shared his cell. The

The court of Elbasan decided to release former interior minister Saimir Tahiri from prison.

The latter left his cell today and was sent to his apartment in the Kodra e Diellit area in Tirana, where he will serve the remaining sentence of 1 year, 8 months and 15 days.

Journalist Klodiana Lala told News24 that Tahiri shared a cell with a well-known person for justice.  

Referring to a conversation between Tahir and a dangerous person in prison, shown by his lawyer, Maks Haxhia, the journalist said that it is about Safer Bajri, a person involved in drug trafficking, with whom the former minister is said to have divide the cell.

Safar Bajri, a dangerous person, who was in a cell with Tahir said; I am sorry that I am going home and the former Minister of the Interior is in prison. I must have an index that is a political decision. Crime bosses, or politicians and former officials serve their sentences to the end.

Once a crime boss, Mr. Haxhia was the lawyer of the case, he was released because he had knee problems.

And he was released from prison because his knee pain prevented him from staying in prison. There may be something behind it, but is there a pact? I cant tell. I must have facts. ", said the journalist.


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