The system does not work, the farmers of Korça are in a long queue for the oil subsidy

The system does not work, the farmers of Korça are in a long queue for

The first day of applications for the oil subsidy has brought long queues at the Bulqiza directorate in Korça. The farmers stated that they have appeared in the premises of the directorate because last year they could not benefit because the deadline had passed.

"I have been standing here since 7 in the morning. What can I tell them? "We didn't get anything for years, we came here and nothing. This year it came out again, but we are doing many hours here and we have not received anything. At this age that we are, we don't hear from what they said or phone applications", were some of the farmers' complaints.

"We applied and we couldn't get it because the deadline passed. Now we have been here since five in the morning. 70-80 years old man is waiting here. Now let's see what happens, if we are not lied to, we will receive, if we are lied to, we will receive nothing. We went in there once, but we got out because we couldn't stand," said another of them.

It is learned that the reason for the long queues is because the system had some problems. The Director of Agriculture, Vullnet Gjolla, also reacted to this matter, who said that the cause of the queues was a problem in the system this morning, but that it has already been resolved and their office continues to wait for the farmers.

According to him, on the first day of applications, there is always a queue calling on farmers to apply online.

Although the application is also made in e-Albania, many farmers, especially the elderly, say that they cannot complete this process online, so they present themselves physically at this directory.

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