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"Oh Kosovo, oh my mother", the Albanian amazes the jury of "American Idol" in the USA

"Oh Kosovo, oh my mother", the Albanian amazes the jury of

Kimi, the boy originally from Kosovo, has amazed the jury of "American Idol". In his first appearance, Kimi was nervous and excited. The jury gave him some advice on what to change.

While talking about his origin, Kim showed how difficult it was to move from Kosovo to the USA with his family. He chose to sing "Heal" by Tom Odell first.

The jury then insisted that Kim sing an Albanian song, which received a triple "yes" from the jury.

Kimi is a 25-year-old Albanian originally from Kosovo, who currently lives in Brooklyn and works as a server in a restaurant. He grew up with his six siblings watching American Idol from a young age.

"My mom said since I was born, 'You're going to be an artist,'" Kimi said on the show. Kimi also stated that music and singing helped her learn English just six years ago. Also, music and song are an important link between him and his mother.

"When she got pregnant with me, Kosovo was going through a war," said Kimi. "And it was a very, very difficult time."

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