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Pact for president, PD wins right to nominate 'losing candidates'

Pact for president, PD wins right to nominate 'losing candidates'

The chairmen of the parliamentary groups sat down at a roundtable discussion on Wednesday on the procedures for electing a new president. The leader of the Democratic Party group, Enkelejd Alibeaj, demanded that the opposition have the exclusive right to nominate candidates in the next two rounds of voting for the new president, a proposal that was accepted by his socialist colleague, Taulant Balla.

"In the proposal is given to us by the Constitution, with 20 signatures a name is proposed. The first three rounds of the proposal to be of the opposition, point, " Alibeaj addressed the representatives of the majority. Alibeaj demanded that the president be elected in exactly these rounds to guarantee a consensual spirit in terms of the number of votes he needs.

Alibeaj's proposal was accepted by Balla, who added that the last two rounds would be of the majority.

"Until the third round, you have the proposals. If you want to walk exclusively, then we agreed. Your document will be accepted until the third round, " said Balla.

The Socialist Party can elect the president alone after the third round.

The roundtable was convened after the first round of voting failed without any concrete candidacy. Prime Minister Edi Rama announced that his majority would run as a candidate only in the fourth round, as in the first 3 rounds he did not have enough votes to elect the president.

The Alibeaj-Balla pact reached in front of the cameras was not welcomed by other opposition groups.

Deputies of the " Re-establishment Commission" of the Democratic Party described Alibeaj without a political mandate from the party and the pact reached as a mockery of the constitutional process.

"It's the next mockery of the president's process," Luciano Boci said in a statement to the media, adding that "no one can deprive the opposition of the right to have candidates in five rounds."

Fatmir Mediu and Agron Duka, participants in the roundtable, did not appear enthusiastic about the pact for proposals, demanding that a consensual figure be found to be proposed by the opposition.

The second round of voting will be held on Monday, while the deadline for the submission of candidates expires on Sunday. BIRN

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