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Patozi analyzes the 'duel' Berisha-Basha: There is a positive aspect with public benefit

Patozi analyzes the 'duel' Berisha-Basha: There is a positive aspect

The coordinator of the Democratic Persuasion, Astrit Patozi has analyzed the Berisha-Basha clash after the latter expelled him from the PD parliamentary group.

In a Facebook post, Patozi writes that this duel between them, after Berisha the day before started the round of talks with the Democrats to overturn Basha's decision, has a positive aspect with public benefit.

According to Patoz, this moment can serve as a point to pour the glass for a contingent of oppositionists to understand that this closure of a relationship between the two is a consequence of a failed political model, which should be abandoned an hour ago.

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The duel, as fierce as it is ridiculous for the dominance of the Democratic Party between Berisha and Basha, has only one positive aspect with public benefit. It can serve as the tipping point for a contingent of oppositionists to realize that this ugly closure of a hypocritical relationship between the two is a consequence of a failed political model, which should be abandoned an hour earlier.

I am convinced that the only way to represent that rational mass of people who reject the government, but feel disappointed, betrayed, and even ashamed of the brawl that is taking place in the Democratic Party is the creation of another opposition pole, to have no connection with that destructive process, which is being strongly pushed today only for personal motives.

We do not need to gather around any glorious leader, because we are seeing live the ugly spectacle, which is in fact the abyss, where that kind of misunderstanding leads. Albania needs a political project to unite parties, associations or even public life figures, who must commit to a new way of doing politics, in strong contrast to the presidency, the serious disease that is eroding the Socialist Party today in power, and the Democratic Party, in opposition.

In my opinion, it should be an open forum, which should welcome without any restrictions any opposition element that agrees to fight for a fundamental change of politics in Albania, based on a simple transformational platform.

Natyrisht, kjo është një ftesë që nuk vlen për ushtarët e verbër që janë rreshtuar në njërin prej kampeve ndërluftuese. Të cilët, në rastin më të mirë janë naivët, ose ata që të drejtën e të menduarit dhe të vepruarit ia kanë deleguar pa kushte udhëheqësve " të pagabueshëm". Ata thjesht duhen mëshiruar.

Kurse në rastin më të keq janë kockakërkuesit, të cilët nuk kanë asnjë ndjeshmëri tjetër në këtë tokë përveçse llogarisë se duke qëndruar urtë tek cepi mund të presin ndonjë dhuratë nga ai që ka vulën. Këta, sigurisht, janë për t'u përçmuar.

Ata mundësisht le ta vazhdojnë pa u ndërprerë luftën e tyre të pakuptimtë se kush e ka udhëheqësin më të fortë, se nuk i prishin punë njeriu, kështu si kanë ardhur punët. Për të mos thënë se bëjnë të kundërtën, bindin edhe dreqin që të neveritet prej "kauzës" së tyre.

I am deeply convinced that the opposition that employs reason and logic are not few and that they have increased a lot after the outbreak of the Basha-Berisha conflict, which is the best illustration not only of the degradation of leadership in the DP, but also of dramatic perversion. of the entire political environment in Albania.

And only if this is realized, Edi Rama will start to get into trouble, because in the next elections he will not face only a serial loser (broken leader, according to Berisha), whom he has shown that he can beat with a slap , whenever he comes forward.


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