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The wounding of the 24-year-old in Shënavlash, his cousin is wanted

The wounding of the 24-year-old in Shënavlash, his cousin is wanted

A 24-year-old man was wounded by a gunshot in the leg yesterday afternoon.

The police managed to identify the suspected perpetrator of the incident. He is IB, 33 years old, the son of the wounded man's uncle, who allegedly shot the 24-year-old man after a conflict for weak motives.

"Yesterday evening, after receiving the notification that the citizen EB, 24 years old, was presented to the Durrës Regional Hospital for treatment, after being wounded by a gunshot, in the leg, the crime investigation specialists of the Durrës Police Station, in cooperation with the specialists of the Serious Crimes Sector of DVP Durrës, immediately went to the scene of the incident, to the yard of the 24-year-old's apartment, in the village of Shënavlash, where, under the direction of the prosecutor, they carried out all investigative actions to clarify the circumstances of the case and identification of the author.

From the first investigative actions, it turned out that the suspected perpetrator is citizen IB, 33 years old, a resident of the village of Shënavlash, who during a momentary conflict, for weak motives, wounded his uncle's son in the leg with a firearm. the EB citizen, who continues to be in the hospital, under the care of doctors.

The work to capture the IB citizen continues

The procedural materials were passed to the Prosecutor's Office for further actions" , the police announced.

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