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They were planning to kill a businessman, the arrest of two young men in Elbasan ended in failure

They were planning to kill a businessman, the arrest of two young men in Elbasan

The sensational arrest of two young men in Elbasan, suspected of having an arsenal of weapons and explosives and planning to commit murders of enemies, has ended in failure and silence.

Rigers Spahiu and Luis Gaxhi were sent from prison to house arrest by the court, with the argument that their term of detention has ended.

Seven weapons, among them 4 automatics, 3 pistols with silencers and explosives mounted on telephones were the reason why Gaxhi and Spahiu were handcuffed a year ago, both suspected of planning to kill a businessman, said at the time Police of Elbasan.

Rigers Spahiu from the police records turns out to be the brother of Arjan Spahiu killed in Belgium and also the connection of Erjon Alibeaj, a well-known character of the world of crime in this city.

From the investigative documents, it appears that for the seized weapons for which accusations were made against Spahi and Gaxhi, genetic profiles were also examined for Erjon Alibeaj, who is kept in prison, and nine other people in Elbasan, all of whom are known. But the year-long investigation into the weapons that were found in the house of Luis Gajji did not have a convincing final to bring charges against the two.

A scientific police expert tells the prosecution that this institute has a limited spectrum to detect any type of explosive substance and for this reason the expert act was carried out by the special anti-explosive unit which confirms that the explosive material is an assembled bomb, remote controlled and ready for carried out explosion.

The two young men who were released due to delays in the expert act insist that they did not know about the weapons. Spahiu and Gaxhi did not give explanations about the explosives and refused to give their personal phone codes.

However, for bomb-mounted phones, the phone companies have given their answers.

From the expert report on the phones and SIM cards, it appears that one phone was in the name of an Albanian citizen and the other in the name of the Brazilian Glauber Gomes Dos Santos, who from the phone surveillance shows that he entered Albania during 2022.

Two courts, both the first instance and the Appeal, order the release of two suspects who are kept under house arrest for suspicions that Rigers Spahiu was preparing to commit revenge murder./TCH

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