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The police find two pistols hidden in Mark Frroku's car, his personal driver is arrested

The police find two pistols hidden in Mark Frroku's car, his personal

During a search of Mark Frroku's car, the police discovered 2 firearms. The ex-MP was not in the vehicle at the time of the inspection, while the personal driver, who also admitted ownership of the weapons, fell into the handcuffs of the blue uniforms.

Two firearms and pistols were found and seized in the BMW car with license plate AA 008 EJ, belonging to former MP Mark Frroku.

During the car inspection, the former deputy was not in his car, as the vehicle is driven by personal driver Albert Prendi.

The latter was arrested on the basis of the coded operation "Boulevard"

But despite the fact that the firearms were found in the interior of the car, and not in Prendi's body.

He admitted during the interrogation by the prosecution body that the weapons belonged to him.

The criminal police requested ballistic and dactyloscopic examination of the two weapons, with the sole purpose of finding out if they were used in criminal events.  

But also to find out if these two weapons belong to other people, who may have left biological traces or fingerprints.

We remind you that Mark Frroku's mandate as deputy was left halfway after the accusations and then the prison sentence for a murder in Belgium. 

His name on the PKD list for deputies was followed by his brother, Arben Frrok, who is still wanted by Albanian justice after the Serious Crimes Appeal sentenced him to life imprisonment in connection with the murder of the Commissioner, Dritan Lamaj. News time


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