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Morning mail/ With 2 lines: What was important yesterday in Albania

Morning mail/ With 2 lines: What was important yesterday in Albania

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The state can also grant  the production of weapons under concession

Suspected of having sexual relations with his  minor daughter, the father is arrested in Kavaja

GJKKO  rejects the request of Berisha and Malltez  for a mild security measure

The miner lost his life in the chrome galleries in Bulqiza , some were arrested

Video/  The Albanian and his wife are barbarically beaten by 3 Greeks

Kelliçi: Very soon we will file  lawsuits against two administrators of the Tirana units in SPAK

He asked for freedom,  GJKKO leaves the head of IKMT  Saranda  in prison

3 basic issues  that Cameron is expected to discuss in Tirana 

Tragedy in Martanesh/  KSSH reacts:  Mines have turned into galleries of death 

Berisha: The police director of Lezha,  a dirty trafficker, was a soldier of Erion Braçe

Document/  The investigation into the wealth of Erion Veliaj  and his family members  is launched

"He was ordered to assassinate",  Berisha: Rama flew Durim Bami to Vienna to McGonigal 

He was fired after 5 years in KLP,  how Alfred Balla 'saved' the vetting;  ONM requested the exemption 

"It reminds us of the bad days,"  Berisha replies to Escobar  with the expression of James Baker 

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