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National record in 5 km road, athlete Luiza Gega shines in the prestigious event of Lila

National record in 5 km road, athlete Luiza Gega shines in the prestigious event

Athlete Luiza Gega continues the series of excellent performances after scoring another great result. The red and black champion has set a new national record in the 5 km road race today. She set a time of 15:16 in the prestigious "Semi Marathon" event, which was held in the city of Lille, France.

This was a 23 second improvement on the previous record of 15:39. In just 2 minutes, Gega would have broken the Balkan record of this category.

 With a time of 15:16, Gega was ranked seventh in Lille, but it is worth noting that this result was the best achieved by European athletes in an event that saw the world's best athletes compete.

The first place in Lille went to the Kenyan Caroline Nayaga with a time of 14:35, while the podium was completed by the Ethiopian Mekedis Abebe and the other Kenyan Doris Lengole Cherop.

Thus, Luiza starts the season in a very good way, stamping the next record, but above all continuing the several-year trend of increasing results.

We remind you that a total of 12 national records are held by Luiza Gegë in various athletics disciplines, starting from medium to long distances (800m, 1500m, 2000m/p, 3000m, 3000m/p, 5000m, 10000m, half marathon, marathon, 800m "indoor", 1500m "indoor", 3000m "indoor")

Luiza Gega also holds the record of the European Championship in 3000 meters with obstacles, as well as the record of the Mediterranean Games in the same discipline, without forgetting the record of the Balkan Championships in 3000 meters "indoor".


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