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Rising prices, Fuga irony: We want to have "Benz" and "Toyota", we can not hone the train

Rising prices, Fuga irony: We want to have "Benz" and

Academician Artan Fuga spoke about rising prices and the crisis facing the Albanian economy.

In a link to the News 24 studio, Fuga said that the situation we are in today was something that was expected years ago with a difference. While focusing on livestock, Fuga stressed that our country tended to export cows and sheep in large quantities, but of poor quality.

The academic added that the country should start thinking basically by focusing more on the opportunities it has and the offers. While ironizing the reaction of Albanians in the face of prices, Fuga said that "we prefer to have either 'Gasoline' and 'Toyota', as we do not hone the train".

"It simply came to our notice then. There is no kind of surprise and I mean statistically I have seen these facts 20 years ago and I have 30 years to follow them. What differs today from the past is that today meat is exported and meat is imported, so lamb is exported and large quantities of beef are imported, etc. with a poorer quality.

This is because the domestic producer sells it abroad at higher prices than domestically. This decrease occurs because we are in a parcelized agricultural economy, according to the law that destroys agriculture, flora and fauna. Not only the number of sheep and goats has decreased, but also the number of Albanians. Therefore, there is nothing strange. We have been in this terrible decline from the economic and social point of view for 40 years, while we have entered a society that should be of development, of progress. In fact, a regression has occurred. In 30 years, if you look at the average, consumption has increased, but it depends on how you measure it. Do not forget that inflation compared to 1993, where I know how many times it has increased.

The problems of the Albanian society and economy today are structural problems, which are not solved with the financial mechanism of taxation only, flat tax, flat, progressive, non-progressive. No, they are structural problems. This means whether the lands in Albania will be cultivated, whether we will have a generation that will return to work, or will leave. We have to start from the beginning and think in a basic way. If these do not happen, prices will definitely go to the stratosphere, because we have to have either "Gasoline" and "Toyota", as we do not hone the train. We were oppressed and as soon as we put our heads a little in the light of the well like frogs, we said that we reached paradise, but it is not like that " , said Artan Fuga.

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