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Survey: Construction without criteria, the factor that most damages the quality of life in Tirana

Survey: Construction without criteria, the factor that most damages the quality

Construction without criteria and planning is perceived by the public as the main factor that damages the quality of life in Tirana.

According to a survey conducted by "Monitor" on its website and social networks, the question "What damages the quality of life in Tirana the most?" 41% of the participants answered with the alternative "construction without criteria and planning".

The second factor with the most negative impact on the quality of life in the capital was "atmospheric and acoustic pollution", with 21% of the votes in the survey. Next comes the "lack of parks and common spaces", with 19% of the votes and "traffic and lack of parking", with 18% of the votes from the survey participants.

After the fall of communism, Albania faced an intensive process of internal emigration, which moved a very large part of the population to the main cities, especially Tirana. However, it is clear that the urban development of the capital in more than three decades has been chaotic and without proper planning.

Very often, the construction of new buildings is done to the detriment of existing spaces, even the need for roads, common spaces, parks, flower gardens, etc., has not been met even in the new residential areas, which have been developed from the beginning after years. 90.

In recent years, Tirana is facing a new construction boom, driven by strong growth in demand and prices. According to INSTAT data, only in the period 2022-2023, new construction permits were granted in Tirana for an area of ​​more than 3.2 million square meters.

However, the growth of high-rise buildings has shrunk free spaces and air circulation corridors.

Most of the residents of Tirana do not have free spaces for relaxation, recreation or sports activities in their residential neighborhoods.

Meanwhile, the increase in population has been accompanied by an increase in the number of vehicles, heavy traffic, more emissions of harmful gases and more noise.

Measurements carried out in recent years in Tirana have repeatedly shown that air pollution is several times higher than the average level of the European Union and above the limits considered harmful by the World Health Organization.

For example, WHO guidelines state that annual average concentrations of harmful PM2.5 particles should not exceed the average limit of 5 micrograms per cubic meter. The measurements carried out in Tirana have shown that this level is several times higher, depending on the areas./ Monitor

Survey: Construction without criteria, the factor that most damages the quality

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