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Having been in a relationship for a year, the Italian teenager admits to the murder of the 39-year-old Albanian

Having been in a relationship for a year, the Italian teenager admits to the

The Italian authorities have left in prison the 17-year-old who allegedly killed the 39-year-old Albanian Bledar Dedja on January 20.

The boy, an Italian from an excellent family residing in the municipality of Pieve del Grappa, admitted the fact, but there are still many unclear points regarding the motive. Investigated for aggravated premeditated murder, the young man, after today's confrontation with investigators in the coming days. Meanwhile, new details are emerging about the investigation that led to the arrest and that was to be transferred to the Juvenile Prosecutor's Office about two weeks ago. According to what was discovered, the 17-year-old had a meeting with the victim on the day of the murder.

In fact, on the afternoon of Saturday, January 20, the boy was intercepted by several video surveillance cameras in the square in Paderno del Grappa, where he was apparently with Bledar. The two then leave together in the 39-year-old's Mercedes B-Class heading for a grove on Via dei Carpini, a secluded area known as a meeting point for couples.

After the murder committed with 20 blows with a kitchen knife, one of which hit Bledar Dedjan to death, piercing his lungs and causing him to bleed, the boy apparently got rid of the weapon, the Albanian's car keys and some clothes that were smeared with blood. But during the attack, he suffered a stab wound to his hand, a deep cut between his thumb and forefinger.

After he left on foot from Via Dei Carpini, he was filmed by a second video camera as he asked for a hitchhiker from a local passerby (whose car was also seized for investigation) who accompanied him to the bus stop. At this point his trail is lost until he reappears at a local emergency room to have his hand treated.

The frames portraying him in the square in Paderno, the detail of the hitchhiker and the access to the hospital were the first elements that led the investigators to his trail. But the final and decisive evidence came only when Bledari's second cell phone was unlocked, the one he allegedly used to organize his "second life" without the family's knowledge, consisting of secret sexual contacts and meetings with other people.

In fact, clear traces of contacts between the 17-year-old and Dedja were found in the messages, apparently including the message with which the final meeting was scheduled. The police arrest, which took place on the morning of Friday 23 February, was made on the basis of a flight risk. When they took him away, his parents were visibly shocked. "Yes, it was me", the 17-year-old would have admitted, but did not say a word about the motive.

The boy had been in a relationship with Bledar Dedja for about a year, whom he met during a school-work transition period at the place where the 39-year-old worked. The hypothesis is that the young man ended up in a prostitution network - including minors - as confirmed, among other things, by the elements that the police found from the analysis of the victim's mobile phone and which are now being examined by the investigators. Maybe he wanted out of that job and Bledari could have blackmailed him, threatening to tell his family everything. And for this reason, the 17-year-old appeared at the last meeting with the knife with which he decided to kill the Albanian.


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