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Sali Berisha's 'Foltorja' tour, Fuga: He is not seeking to return to the helm of the Democratic Party, he is defending himself

Sali Berisha's 'Foltorja' tour, Fuga: He is not seeking to return

Academician Artan Fuga commented on the 'Foltorja' tour with Democrats in Albania by former Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

In an interview for 'News 24', Fuga says that these meetings of Berisha are for self-defense

According to him, the language used by Tirana in Fier has been getting tougher and this shows that the relations between him and Basha were like that even before the decision of DASH.

" We have a half-murder where the victim starts self-defense. On the one hand it kills him and on the other hand it praises him. That makes the homicide halfway through and it brings all this mess. Berisha confesses in the rostrum that this report was not only after the decision of DASH, but also before. All letters have been opened and it seems that this process will take place even in harsh forms. Berisha does not want to return to the helm of the party because a series of circumstances make him not have this objective. If he asked for it he would also discredit the sense of movement he has taken.

He says that he undertook it because we have a violation of the statute, because the mayor expels the deputies without taking decisions from the forums. He tries to say that I am looking for facts to be given to me and without receiving these facts I have no reason to be punished. The discourse from Tirana to Fier has intensified as they say that these conflicts have been before for strategic issues of the opposition. He demands a referendum and changes in the party leadership. He counts Basha's failures of 8 years. I do not think he is simply asking Basha to annul the decision he has made. It's broken relationship between the leader to the old and the new leader. "I think he wants a renewal of the elites and the relationship between the militants and the leaders, " Fuga said.



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