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They were questioned for several hours, the testimony of the Reçi family about the murder in Mirdita is revealed

They were questioned for several hours, the testimony of the Reçi family

For several hours, members of the Reçi family from Mirdita stayed at the Local Directorate of Lezha, where they answered questions of interest to the investigation, on the assassination recorded on Tuesday morning in the center of Rrëshen, where 59-year-old Martin was executed with a Kalashnikov rifle. Bardhi and Ilir Bardhoku, Olti Gjini and Indrit Bardhi (son of the victim's uncle) were injured.

As persons who may have knowledge due to suspicions that existed regarding the known conflict between the two families, they have testified before the investigators that they have nothing to do with the incident.

" You can open the cameras or ask the witnesses to prove our statements about where we were before, during and after the moment of the event. We have nothing to do with the event, the previous conflict was referred to the relevant bodies and they were taken into account" - reports Ora News, that members of the Reçi family have testified.

When 3 days have passed since the assassination, there is still no trace of the perpetrators, as work is being done with surveillance of security cameras to track their movements.

It is suspected that two people were in the vehicle from which they shot, killing Martin Bardhi and injuring three others.

The scene was recorded in front of a security camera of the victim's own bar, but the perpetrators were masked, making identification impossible.

The testimonies of the victim's family members, on the other hand, did not give any strong indication for the investigation, as sources from the Lezha Police say that they did not point the finger of accusation at anyone in particular.

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