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Video/ "Godet" Lulzim Basha: Young people are leaving Albania to explore Europe

Video/ "Godet" Lulzim Basha: Young people are leaving Albania to

As the government echoes tourism and foreigners who choose Albania to rest, it turns "a blind eye and a deaf ear" to mass emigration as a wound that never heals.

Young people are increasingly choosing to emigrate to Europe and England as a way to build a future abroad.

But not everyone sees it as a blight on society. There are those like Lulzim Basha who appreciate the flight of young people abroad, to Europe, and even encourage them. From Vlora where he met some young people, Lulzim Basha did not forget to make a funny statement when he said that young people are leaving Albania because they want to explore Europe.

"I am passing the phone to the most beautiful meeting today in Vlorë of Independence, the hope of Albania, the youth, the youth of Vlorë. We should not be afraid of the fact that part of the youth will explore the world, will explore Europe. We fought for this day. The work is that we can create the conditions after they have explored, after they have received their work or educational test, or a qualification. They will find themselves again in Vlora, in Albania" , said Basha.

In fact, most young people claim that they see leaving as the only opportunity to build a future for themselves and their family and not, as Basha says, for exploration. Most of them choose not to return to Albania even after they have completed their studies abroad or have provided enough income to live in Albania.

But, as it seems, just like Rama, Basha is not focused on leaving young people. In fact, it was Basha who, in the spot prepared for the elections of April 25, 2021, called on young people not to leave the country. While today he gives them a hand to go perhaps even further than Europe.

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