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The 25th anniversary of the liberation of Kosovo/ Kurti: EU is our political goal and NATO is our military destination

The 25th anniversary of the liberation of Kosovo/ Kurti: EU is our political

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, has declared from the floor of the parliament that the 25th anniversary of the country's liberation is a special day.

Kurti added that June 12, 1999 has been fixed as the day of the liberation of Kosovo because on that day tens of thousands of NATO soldiers crossed the border and entered the territory of Kosovo as infantry.

"This came after the 78-day NATO bombing campaign on Serbia in an attempt to stop the ethnic cleansing and genocide that the Serbian state was carrying out on the Albanians in Kosovo," Kurti said.

The Prime Minister added that 25 years after liberation, we want good relations with our neighbors, with recognition and without attacks.

"To unite physically and spiritually as today in the Assembly and the squares of the cities, to mark a historical event that has brought the present and determined the future. As if then and now Serbia is lined up behind Russia. Kosovo has continued to strengthen its alliances with partner countries. The EU is our target political family, while NATO is our military destination", said Kurti.

Kurti emphasized that precisely because we have suffered and lost, now we want Kosovo and all its citizens to enjoy it, the Albanian majority with the minorities.

"We want good neighborly relations, recognition, without attacks. We have never been more free and independent", he said.

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