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Talks between Kosovo and Serbia about the dinar: Nothing new in the West

Talks between Kosovo and Serbia about the dinar: Nothing new in the West

The chief negotiators of Kosovo and Serbia ended Thursday's meeting in Brussels again without any progress, in which the use of the Serbian dinar in Kosovo was discussed.

In the last meeting on April 4, the European envoy for the Kosovo-Serbia talks, Miroslav Lajçak, said that "some gaps between the proposals of both sides have been filled and that discussions will continue based on the European Union's ideas for compromise", although did not give details on what the proposed "compromise" is.

Serbia's chief negotiator, Petar Petkovic, said Belgrade "did everything to find a solution", while accusing Pristina of the failure of today's round of talks.

"We came up with a constructive proposal and that proposal was appreciated by Brussels, as a very good basis for continuing the talks", he said, emphasizing that Pristina came to Brussels without commenting on the ideas of the European Union and this clearly shows that the other side does not want to agree on anything".

A regulation of the Central Bank of Kosovo, which entered into force on February 1, determines that the euro is the only currency that can be used for ready payments in Kosovo.

The regulation prompted an angry reaction from Belgrade, and concerns among Western diplomats about its impact on the lives of Kosovo Serbs who continue to be financially supported by Belgrade.

Diplomats have called on the government of Kosovo to suspend the regulation and give time to the affected citizens to adapt to the new situation. This issue has become a topic of disagreement between the government in Pristina and Western diplomacy./VOA

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