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Removal of the Serbian dinar from Kosovo, DASH: Talks on the CBK regulation to continue urgently

Removal of the Serbian dinar from Kosovo, DASH: Talks on the CBK regulation to

The US Department of State (DASH) said that talks in Brussels on the regulation of the Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK), which prohibits the use of the Serbian dinar in Kosovo, "must continue urgently".

Their mediator, the EU envoy for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Miroslav Lajçak, said that many political questions about the issue of the Serbian dinar in Kosovo remained unanswered, therefore "additional meetings are needed". The governor of CBK, Ahmet Ismaili, who led the Kosovo delegation, said that the regulation was not discussed, but the opportunities it offers for the transfer of funds from other countries to Kosovo.

The delegation of Serbia was led by the chief negotiator Petar Petkovic, who said that the CBK regulation requires a solution at the political level. The talks followed the strengthening of this regulation, which defines the euro as the only currency that can be used for cash payments in Kosovo. .

The international community also expressed concerns about its impact on the lives of Serbian citizens and requested its suspension. The assistant to the US Secretary of State, James O'Brien, said that the decision on the dinar has called into question Kosovo-US relations.

"The United States has been clear in expressing concerns about the new regulation," DASH's spokesperson told REL.

He said that he repeats the calls for Kosovo and Serbia to reduce tensions and engage "seriously and urgently", in an effort "to achieve a peaceful and productive relationship within the dialogue facilitated by the EU". , Albin Kurti, insists that the CBK's decision cannot be annulled. According to him, the regulation does not prohibit payments from the budget of Serbia, but that they must be made in euros.

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