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Serbs attack the police car in Zveçan with stones

Serbs attack the police car in Zveçan with stones

Today, Serbian protesters attacked the Kosovo Police in Zveçan, shooting with heavy weapons in the direction of the police car, which was patrolling the area.

The spokesperson of the Kosovo Police, Baki Kelani, confirmed to the local media that as a result of the attack, the glass of the vehicle was broken.

"We can confirm that a police car which was on official duty patrolling in the direction of the municipality of Zveçan, was obstructed and attacked with strong tools by the protesters.
As a result of the attack with strong tools (stones), the glass of the car was broken, which then left the location. No injuries have been reported, while the case is being investigated," he declared.

Meanwhile, Serbs in the north are opposing the placement of Albanian mayors in municipal facilities. Several criminal groups have acted violently a few days ago who tried to enter municipal facilities, they attacked KFOR soldiers, injuring 30 of them.

Also, they attacked the media teams from Kosovo and those from Albania, damaging and burning their equipment.




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