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Lul, well, you recovered. But is it enough?

Lul, well, you recovered. But is it enough?

Alfred Lela

Belind Këlliçi and Jorida Tabaku have rushed into announcing a new narrative line, which was later emphasized by their boss, Basha. "We have recovered", was the joint leitmotif of the Democratic exponents, citing Unit 10 and Kombinat, with 1200 and 5200 votes, respectively. These figures and this narrative say something, but do not open up the whole picture.

This increase is correct, but it can come for at least two reasons. Firstly due to the increase in the number of voters and, secondly due to the decline of the SMI. This means Kryemadhi's party is going to its original bed, and DP voters, who departed in 2017, are returning home.

In a tactical sense, Basha and he have to do just that: find islands of optimism and hopefully paint the shocking map of the psycho-emotionality of Democratic supporters. Not forgetting here for a moment the counters, who are the first to reflect the shaky legs of a result that is not going in favor of their party.

The second part of the narrative is that, so far, the SP has counted its bastions, and the blue will start appearing later. This too is done to tighten the ranks and may show some of the truth, but not the whole. Referring to the procedural data, it is the CEC that determines which areas are counted first, not the political parties.

Understanding countdown day tactics as an attempt to keep 'soldiers in line' and prevent capitulation, it is important that this narrative of Basha and his does not turn into strategy. Democratic leadership cannot assimilate the narrative of recovery or improvement compared to the past. This is due to the simple fact that the parties can not be compared to themselves, but the opponent. That the parties enter the race to win over the rival and to improve society according to their philosophy or ideology, not to serve as a comparative table with itself of the past.

If Basha and his spokesmen adopt this political language to respond to the possible horizon of a failure, it tells us that the DP is facing a greater risk than losing the election. The first force of freedom in Albania is losing its purpose and mission and is living a delirium tremens that speaks ill not only of it but also of society.

Lul, well, you recovered. But is it enough?

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