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The majority approves the Rama-Meloni agreement on refugees and the law on protected areas

The majority approves the Rama-Meloni agreement on refugees and the law on

Without the votes of the opposition, amid chaos and noise for 8 minutes, Speaker Lindita Nikolla announced the approval of the Rama-Meloni agreement for refugees.

The agreement was opposed by the opposition, which considered it illegal and contrary to the Constitution. DP took the agreement to the Constitutional Court, which judged it to be in accordance with the law, paving the way for ratification.

"The protocol between the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania and the Government of the Italian Republic, "For strengthening cooperation in the field of migration" is in accordance with the Constitution and the approval of its ratification by the Assembly", it was said in the decision of the Constitutional Court.

Together with the agreement on refugees, the draft law on protected areas was also approved, also strongly opposed by the democratic deputy Ina Zhupa. The latter said earlier that it contradicts the standards of the European Union.

"Socialist MPs have not consulted with any interest group, with civil society, they have not even consulted with citizens since this is a law that directly affects the interests of citizens because it is about protected areas in all of Albania.

Also, this draft law of the socialist deputies goes against the standards of the European Union, while we are a country that aspires to join the European Union and we have the obligation to align the legislation with that of the European Union ", declared Zhupa.

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