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How Rama propagated the role of the Anti-Mafia prosecutor: He appointed him as an adviser, but he never listened to him

How Rama propagated the role of the Anti-Mafia prosecutor: He appointed him as

The 'Report' brings to attention that in the classification of 'Transparency International', Albania is considered the most corrupt country in Europe, a sad primacy held for ten years.

In order to try to adjust his position a little, Edi Rama, reports 'Report', a few years ago he appointed a super adviser, for the fight against corruption, the Italian judge Francesco Mandoi for 20 years, a figure who connects the Italian anti-mafia and the Albanian judiciary. whom 'Report' interviews.

"There were no major developments of any consultancy. Counselor in papers but never heard from me. They never called me even though there was a lot of work to do. Members of the Albanian mafia or drug traffickers have their representatives within the institutions and have the opportunity to condition the actions of the government" , says Mandoi.

This means that Rama presented Mandoi as an advisor with whom he did not develop the consultancy.

According to Mandoi, "the control is not carried out by the high council of public ministries, but the prosecutors are controlled by policemen who are under political influence and not only that, but there is a lot of pressure on the judges" .

Asked by the Italian journalist, if with this procedure, the Rama government is conducting a witch hunt for independent magistrates, Mandoi said: "Of course, yes. A witch hunt has begun against the pesky referee.”

In an interview with Giorgia Mattola, the prosecutor of Naples, Nicola Gratteri, says that the Albanian mafia is quite powerful because it comes from a country where corruption is widespread. According to him, the Albanian mafia cooperates with N'Dragheta and that it has also spread strongly in South America.

"The Albanian mafia is strong because it comes from a country where there is widespread corruption. Thus, the criminal organizations that come from Albania are immediately rich, strong and powerful. The Albanian mafia has already been structured and has managed to work in cooperation with the N'Drangheta. For several years we have also seen it in South America and it is capable of independently bringing tons of cocaine to Italy and Europe" , Grateri declares.

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