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Nusret Barkderrat

Nusret Barkderrat

By Alfred Lela 

The wrong dinner at an expensive Arab restaurant, as if for nothing, served us for a fact. Albania has not moved from the country. Koret, yes. I am talking about the choirs of the parties that attack each other from time to time.

But the homeland is there. As always funny, because there are elites like that. Magnificent in their ridiculous folly.

Albania has not moved from the country because the characters of the 'wrong dinner' of 2021 in Dubai, in 2004 protested in Tirana against another dinner. Of another prime minister. In an Athens buzuk. Those who said Enough! then they are today in the place of those who are told 'enough is enough'!

Albania has not moved from the country, although in 2013, the Prime Minister called for uprooting the bellows from the state and from the halls of power, they are still there. How do you love me: in the form of businessmen or politicians. Men or women?

Albania has not changed because the big belly is not always somewhere between the chest and the saddle. Most of the time he is in the head. In those brain realms that produce the adrenaline of greed. Among those at the Dubai dinner you could also see ‘fit tigers’, but nonetheless uniquely like the first day the suburban bus landed in the big city.

Albania has not changed because the big country, big business and big media are not divided. They share the same golden steak. When they do it tactlessly, fearlessly, irresponsibly they are spitting, demonstratively, in the bowl where they lower their heads for daily bread, most.

Albania has not changed because of these queues. Which seem to have been written in the 30s of last century, and are not editorial, but feuilleton. A gender used to crack down on the bad phenomena of a backward society. The editorial would have to deal with a substantial government policy, with its criticism or support. But we have not moved from the time of Nonda Bulka, Petro Markos and others, a time when he cried with a pen in his hand and fejtone in his pocket the sorrow and fate of Albania.

There are fewer idealists, of course, but the phaetons have resisted. They continue to be made against barkers, but do not change anything.

This is shown by the fact that Albania has not moved from the country.


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