The wardrobe of the

The wardrobe of the

Tonight I want to talk about Elbasan. As probably all my colleagues are talking about shows on this Monday hour. Elbasan became, on Sunday of Summer Day, a sad and inevitable fact.

Pushes, swearing, and punches were donated instead of blockades.

Instead of the pagan gods of the new season, the 'new gods' of politics appeared. But I do not want to talk in this editorial about any of them.

I want to say a few words about the 'first companions', the 'armed wing', the 'strongmen' of Elbasan. Not for them directly, but their wardrobe. Which is probably the biggest problem of Albanian democracy.

If you revisit the clash scenes in Elbasan you can notice some things that unite almost all those who are known as 'strong'.

The first object that makes them stand out is a black baseball cap. They use it because they do not want to be known because they want to be known, they want to have their own style, they want the peaches to stand out with the first one, or because the fallen hair creates insecurity…?

The second item is a small carrying bag. There is a deep contradiction in this accessory. Men who want to give the image of the 'strong', use an identification tool for women.

The third object is the sports overalls, which are accompanied by a complementary outfit which can be a hooded sweatshirt or a sweatshirt, always dark. With this combination, as if they want to give the impression of looseness or headlessness. In a word: we are practical types, we are problem solvers, we are kings.

Flat sneakers, mostly white, are always seen on their feet. An imitation of athletes or blacks of hip hop clips.

Gold accessories are also visible. A pendant on the neck or wrists, mostly thick and demonstrative, speaks volumes about the characters of such men. The weight and cost of gold is a statement, like a loud voice, about the security they want to convey to others.

You can find these men mostly in the arms of political parties in Albania. They have always been and will be there for many years to come. Many have used them, but the current prime minister has introduced them on the scene, almost as a public-political solution.

It is not their existence that irritates them because they are a universal phenomenon. Breaking every dividing line, every ethical distance, bringing them closer to the forefront, or rather replacing the argument with harsh force, is the problem.

Today we see hats, bags, shaved heads, thick pendants, but what is happening slowly is the ghettoization of the political process. This is much more violent and alarming than yesterday's violence in Elbasan.

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