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The police we (DO NOT) want

The police we (DO NOT) want

'The police are with us', was a slogan thrown at the first rallies in the 1990s. It was a lure for the ones in blue, a call for unity and division. An urge for the police to break away from the power of the time and join the people, who are timeless.

There were other eras, when such calls, filled with romanticism, even made sense. Today, 30 years later, when we talked about democratization, depoliticization, professionalism, and many other isms, the Police seem to have drifted from the call to be with us and have fallen under another slogan: 'The police we want'.

We have passed from the romance of the '90s to the rationality of the' 20s of the following century. It is not only the slogans that are sophisticated but also the uniforms, the requirements for them. Thus, the 'big belly of the cops' has been talked about often, but very little about the greed of corruption. Toast to European police force has been raised, but not to the control lost under the green of the cannabis, a silence chosen by internal and external observers.

'Way to fo guys' has been the soundtrack of probably young and active police, but the remnant of the old tricks has passed without debate. What has neither been renewed nor obsolete, but has remained the same, is the habit of the parties that change positions in power, to protect the Police when they are in government and to attack it in opposition. The respective party supporters do the same.

Distinguish between January 21 and December 8 for example. Those who were pro-life and hit and burned everything material that came their way 9 years ago, a few days ago became fans of police and trees and considered everything in front of them as relative.

Is this the Police we want? And, most importantly, do we want a Police force who should be ours, in the first sense of the word. So be the franchise of us and our party.

The Police must be public property. So far it has not managed to be like that. Under the direction of the minister who just left even less so.

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