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Why does Berisha not give the files of the signatories?

Why does Berisha not give the files of the signatories?

Alfred Lela

The new direction that Basha and his supporters are trying to give to the 'submission' of the 4200 forms of the members of the Democratic National Assembly, makes them look like they do not know how to take a path other than the wrong one.

Of course, it is the attempt to devalue the number and the impression it creates, and to highly value the regulation, or rather the statute.

But, note: the same insistence to respect the statute goes against the previous one to disregard it. By this logic, the statute is an optional thing, relative to contempt. These abracadabras, who in the evening invalidate the statute, in the name of the 'highest principles', and the morning speak of the sanctity of the statute, do not go unnoticed. They talk about the logically schizophrenic battle where the fight for control of the largest opposition party has entered.

The other avenues are more numerous and more liberating for both Basha, Berisha, and the Democratic Party, yet the current president rejects them all, holding the seal in one hand and Ambassador Kim in the other.

The irony is that Berisha, who was criticized as an autocrat, says 'send representatives to the Assembly to verify the forms', and Basha, who was seen as the 'leader of new worldviews', says 'he is bluffing'.

If you put logic to work, you realize that Berisha does not have the luxury of bluffing. He is compelled by context (non grata American and the pressure of the public eye) to do everything, even against his instincts, in a fair, open, serious manner.

But there are several reasons why the former prime minister chooses not to hand over the files to the group that considers the DP as property.

First, open pressure would begin on the signatories: some of them would likely be broken, not by threats, but by seduction and promises of every kind.

Second, their 'character killing' would begin. They would serve as meat to fill the canon of the metaphor of the 'scum of transition' that Basha has found as the main character of 'NewThe  Republic 2'.

Third, their public and private intimidation through 'American sanctions' would be aimed at, which has happened informally by pro-Basha democratic activists, but is also formalized in writings and debate studios.

Finally, an element should be mentioned that also serves as a coup de grace of the entire PD leadership aspiration for the form files: disregard for the physical fact. If Berisha says that there are 4200 forms and the Assembly will be held in the Palace of Congresses, then the verification is easy and can be done on December 11. Asking and seeing: are 4200 present? Do their images correspond to the names and id numbers given on the forms?

That's enough to close the bluff story and get serious.

This is the first step that can lead to an even more serious conclusion: no party can be held without membership, remove the party that has no membership (and in Tirana, there are some 60). There are, of course, developers of the idea that, in the political history of 30 years, no one has managed to take the party from a chairman who has the seal. And so it is. The chairman with the seal, it must be said, did not lose the party… because he had the membership.

Basha does not dare to prove this to us.

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