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Rama's arrogance in Fevziu and the winter of great loneliness in Munich

Rama's arrogance in Fevziu and the winter of great loneliness in Munich

From Agim Nesho

Rama tried hard with all the means ..., which he knows well, to make a normal return to the Munich Security Conference, but he clearly remained in the shadows and shunned by the world personalities participating in the conference.

There were no more heart-to-heart meetings with President Macron, or a special meeting with Chancellor Scholz. Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis also met with him on the issues of securing European borders and migration, although Rama would be willing to give other concessions just to be present.

Not even 'Dear Ursula' had time for a meeting this time, but it would be Commissioner Timmermans who would meet Rama as well as ... the prime minister of Barbados. The great figure of the global leader is wrinkled and shrunk and is supported by the crutches of Alex Soros, who seems to have remained loyal to him even when in world offices his figure is being talked about as the most corrupt and corrupting prime minister of Europe. The meeting with the American senators, who were also the promoters of the introduction of the 'Open Balkans' in the official policy of the American Congress, seem to believe more in Alexi than in Rama.

As long as he will be the prime minister of Albania, he will participate in all meetings about the Balkans or European security, but it will be very difficult for him to meet face to face with an important leader, because the shadow of 'Ramagate' in Washington will destroy his political future.

There is only one day left until the end of the conference. The strength Mr. Rama, with all... and the means to realize a meeting for the black image you have in Albania and not for Albania's interest. Otherwise, it will remain for Vucic to tell you something, and if he has defended you in the meetings he had with Secretary of State Blinken. He is obliged to do this thanks to the extraordinary efforts you have made to save him from the sanctions on Russia.

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