Basha imtion Rama with the idea of ​​'bright minority'

Basha imtion Rama with the idea of ​​'bright minority'

Andi Bushati / Lapsi.al

The way Lulzim Basha is waging the battle within his political force in conveying the worst possible message to that part of society that does not feel close to the DP.

By not recognizing the signatories for convening an assembly from the bottom up, by not listening to the cries of the pulpit, by ignoring opinion polls proving to be a visible minority, by changing the locks of the offices controlled by opponents at night, he is behaving like a ruler who seeks to impose himself violently on the majority.

The only legitimate right of the official leader of the Democratic Party was not to hide the delegates behind the illegality, but now, when they are coming out one after the other with name and surname, it seems as if the game is over.
Lulzim Basha is a minority in the Democratic Party and this is not accepted only by those who conflict with interest with him.

It is enough to look at the language and arguments used by Basha's subordinates or propagandists: they are typical of a minority. They usually do not talk about the lack of majority, but about the non-implementation of the rules that constitute it. They stigmatize the sludge of the governments of the past. They whip up anti-Americans who want to distract the right from the values ​​of Euro-Atlanticism. They make fun of people who vote without brains, but with emotions. They point the finger at all the militants who want to become bunkers to protect Sali's crimes and the deeds of his children.

So, if you observe it, all the supporters of the official PD want to shift the debate from the reality of numbers to the supposed kingdom of values. And in the name of this transcendence, they want to give legitimacy to an "enlightened minority", which has the right to impose itself on the majority.
This "bright minority" wanted to pluck the navel from Berisha's sins, she was self-cleansed from the mud and her biggest certificate of virginity was sealed by the support given by the diplomats of the Elbasan street.

This is where the biggest damage that Basha's approach is doing to this society consists.

Because Edi Rama has followed the same path. Having never been a real majority in this country, he has managed to rule it as the flagship of a "bright minority", where values ​​matter more than numbers.

In her name he seized justice, propagating its cleansing and rebirth. On her behalf, he thwarted coalitions in two consecutive elections, once by agreement and once by the constitution, arguing that morality wanted him to keep the tray alone.

With the justification of this "moral legitimacy", Edi Rama controls 55% of the parliament, having only 48% of the votes. It is the creation of this halo that has justified every means used (changing the basic law of the state, using the SPAK, buying votes with public money, capturing the media and alliances with gangs), in the name of the lofty goal of the triumph of the good.

But, so far, although with the exploration of the roads that only he knows how to break, Edi Rama has managed to impose himself, the Albanian society had managed to maintain a certain balance. Because a much larger front than that of the official opposition has shown that it is always ready to oppose the rule of the "enlightened minority" over the numerical majority.

But, with the not at all manly approach that Basha has chosen to continue the battle in the DP, this front risks crumbling. If the locksmith faction manages to maintain the leadership of the DP even after December, the message that would be conveyed to all of us would be discouraging. From him, we would understand that we live in a "democracy" where the majority is no longer valuable and it's only up to it to submit.
As long as this was the message that the government was trying to convey, it was worth resisting this challenge, but when it risks becoming the credo of the main opposition party, society goes into asphyxiation.

This is the biggest threat to the line that Lulzim Basha has decided to follow: the one that, in this country, you can rule even as a minority. Therefore, his possible victory does not only harm the DP but the whole society. Because more than all this is what the regime of Edi Rama needs today.
In vain, Lulzim Basha is accused of making losing deals with the prime minister, of secretly flirting with his oligarchs, of now organizing childish war scenes in parliament. All these would be multiplied by zero, if at the end of the PD process, his credo triumphs, that in this country the vote is no longer valid. Nothing more than this would benefit the government. Nothing more would plunge any kind of resistance into an incalculable lethargy.

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