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Movement within movement

Movement within movement

By Genc Pollo

Five years ago a group of dignified and courageous women initiated the GUD movement (Women of the Ring for Dignity) within the movement of the residents of Astir against the "road of gold" with tenfold prices, with "false-American" companies as well as the arbitrary demolition of housing .

While they were protesting in front of the Tirana Police Directorate for the release of the arrested activists, the ambassador BB, head of the OSCE Presence, who happened to be passing by, showed them the middle finger. Unprovoked!

At that moment, the GUD movement was conceived. One of her actions was the display with banners calling "shame on you" (shame on you) in October 2019 during an OSCE conference (see video and photos) with the participation of the General Secretary of this organization, Mr. Gremminger at the Sheraton Tirana Hotel. Gremminger had proposed to the OSCE Permanent Council the dismissal of the BB, but the latter had friends in his own ministry and the request did not find immediate approval. However, after a few months, BB left his post in Tirana and was taken out of early retirement.

I remembered this already forgotten episode when I saw Erion Veliaj these days at an event organized by the municipality. The OSCE BB looks like an angel if you compare him to the mayor. BB offended only once and was forced to apologize publicly.

Veliaj is the author of a long list of insults to those who have opposed him, and an apology for him is a foreign show. But this is nothing compared to the scandal of the municipality.

Veliaj is under investigation by court order for criminal offenses which are directly under his responsibility; not only have we judicially proven an extreme escalation of corruption where the official is not satisfied with bribes but steals 100% of the budget fund for himself by contracting his private company.

The directors of Veliaj have cruelly evicted dozens of families from their homes because they were damaged by the earthquake and had to be demolished even when technically this was not the case. The real motive was that their private company 5D had won the reconstruction tender. The municipal police have regularly exercised excessive physical violence against the villagers who sell fruits and vegetables just so that the private company of the directors can take the monopoly of this market in Tirana.

Scandalous but also significant is the illegal refusal of Veliaj to be accountable in the Municipal Council even though he has the majority there and the socialist councilors behave like cattle without a conscience.

That's why he deserves like no one else to face protesters at every public event who shout "shame on you" and show him posters where, ironically, the slap of the former Majft falls on his face. Let them do this even if Veliaj appears with an international. That would be a dignified way to show the country to cynics with any passport. Much better way than Karaman criticism of embassies who rightly appeal against extreme violence.

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