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The Albanians (of Macedonia) have only two elites, that of the 'tenderbegs' and the 'hajdutocrats'!

The Albanians (of Macedonia) have only two elites, that of the

Kim Mehmeti

Allow me a little biography: in the years of my creative beginnings, that is, in the years when - due to life circumstances and education in Slavic languages ​​- I still wrote mainly in the then Serbo-Croatian language and in Macedonian, some Macedonian friends, and circles, they did their best to help me pave the way for my affirmation, while Albanian individuals and media circles did their best to hinder me and prove that another suspect had arrived from whom Albanianism had to be protected.

It didn't take me long to understand that the Macedonian circles wanted my affirmation because of their strategy to 'strengthen' a single one to eliminate dozens of other Albanian creators, while the Albanian circles and individuals were fighting it their competitor and the future chair taker in me, who would be able to replace them in Macedonian organizations, commissions, councils, institutions..., where for decades they had survived, even being nothing more than evet efendilere'.

So I realized that the Macedonian circles needed me because, as a bilingual writer, I was very suitable to serve as part of the false bouquet for inter-ethnic equality in Macedonia, while for the Albanian "intellectuals" I was dangerous because I could become a licker. more at the 'table' where they licked the few bones thrown to them by the Macedonian circles.

And to understand this and to continue as if you don't know or see anything, means that you have a shallow brain and a deep pocket and that you don't mind when you hear how those who chant "Death to the Albanians" insult the Albanian mother, even when he beats the Serb even when the Greek insults him.

So, not because I like Albanians, but because I liked myself as such and, not as an attitude towards the Macedonian people and language, but towards the anti-Albanian elites of this people, in 2001, you publicly said that you will no longer publish in Macedonian as long as my mother tongue is not officialized (which in my opinion has not been officialized even to this day, because it is not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution of this country) and I withdrew from all Macedonian associations and organizations, refusing to be a member of any jury, the council..., so I remained who I am - myself, the least of all the other 'minorities' living in Macedonia.

In the meantime, I never understood how you can be an Academician of the Academy that publishes the Encyclopaedia that insults your people, a hundred times a day publicly showing how much they do not love and hate you, I didn't understand how you can be a member of juries and associations, among those who say that the Macedonian language is only theirs and we Albanians have no reason to deal with it, meanwhile, forgetting that Macedonia also belongs to Albanians and that because of Macedonian chauvinism, the Albanian language is not even mentioned by name in the Constitution, but is called the "language of the 20 percent".

In short, in Albanian: I am old, but I still do not understand how it is possible that the Albanian artists, professors, scientists, and intellectuals here have not understood that of all the real elites, we Macedonian Albanians have only the 'tenderbegs' and 'thieves'. So how can we pretend that we do not know that we Albanians who are members of various artistic, scientific, cultural associations and organizations... serve only as a cover for members of the elite of 'tenderbegs' and 'hajdutocrats', unhindered to realize the benefits own personal.

And now the question is how to proceed? There are two options: either to protect our dignity by separating from those communities where they do not want us, that is, to establish the Academy and our other Albanian organizations, or to act like our 'tenderbegs' and 'hajdutocrats': where we are members, we measure everything by what fills our pocket. Because like this, when we swear dozens of times a day that we love this state, and when many members of the Macedonian elites, hundreds of times a day, show how much they do not want a common state with the Albanians, it is perverse and idiotic to believe that we can have what will be common and where we will like them as we like ourselves. 

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