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Dea Michelle gives the unexpected "blow" to Louise Aile

Dea Michelle gives the unexpected "blow" to Louise Aile

Although "Big Brother" has ended like every Friday, "Top Albania Radio" continues to make a summary of the numbers on "Instagram" to see how their numbers have changed.

Kristi Aliaj and Keisi Medini have been commented a lot both inside and outside the house of "BBV2" because of the relationship they had. After the exit, Kristi said that everything is over and there is no communication with Casey, but it seems that things are not exactly like that.

Recently, Kristi and Casey were seen in each other's company during an event, both standing at a table. He has added 2 thousand fans on "Instagram".

 Luizi and Kiara are photographed from time to time in the streets of Tirana. But of course there are also posts on their profiles on social networks, where they appear together. Recently, Kiara posted two photos on "Instastory" showing a corner of the house, and the followers immediately started to hint that it is the couple's new apartment. Also, Kiara has added 2 thousand more followers on "Instagram".

Nita Latifi was just one step away from the grand finale of "Big Brother VIP", but she was still considered one of the strongest players. The singer has already started working on new music projects. This week she gained 2 thousand followers. Olta Gixhari has also been one of the most commented characters.

Recently, there are rumors about a film that he will make together with Luizi. This week she has added 4 thousand fans on "Instagram". To everyone's surprise, this week Luiz Ajli is ranked second with 5 thousand more followers than last week. He has decided to video call a follower, who is called Kristina and lives in Greece.

The singer has claimed that he had as many emotions as Mrs. Kristina, writing a thank you note for everyone.

The first place for this week goes to Dea Mishel, with 7 thousand more followers, thus passing Luiz. Recently, Dea has spoken about the program "She's On Top", where she will be on the jury together with Kristin, and has shown how the cooperation between each other will be.

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