Holocaust survivor (famous on TikTok), honored with important award

Holocaust survivor (famous on TikTok), honored with important award

A 99-year-old Holocaust survivor who has now become famous on TikTok for her videos depicting the horrors of World War II has been awarded an MBE at Britain's Windsor Palace by King Charles. Lily Ebert, a founding member of the UK Holocaust Survivors Centre, was recognized for her services to teaching new generations about the Holocaust.

Holocaust survivor (famous on TikTok), honored with important award

The 99-year-old was accompanied to Windsor Palace by her great-grandson, Dov Forman. The educational material they create on TikTok has millions of views and Ebert is one of the celebrities on the platform. Ebert said:

"Not long ago some people hunted me and wanted to kill me for my religion and now I am receiving this great honor. Words cannot describe exactly how much this means to me. I promised myself that if I survived , then I would tell the whole world what happened to us in Auschwitz, that there were people who died just for their beliefs. They made us believe that we don't deserve to live."

Ebert was 20 years old when she was liberated from Auschwitz and lived for a year in Switzerland before moving in 1946 to what is now Israel. In 1967 she immigrated to Britain with her husband Samuel. Now, she lives in North London and is a mother of three and grandmother of ten grandchildren. She became a great-grandmother for the 36th time last year. She encourages everyone to learn to appreciate differences and learn from each other, to be kind to each other.

"Something as terrible as the Holocaust should never happen again. As long as I live, I will try to teach the world to be tolerant."

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