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Fans criticize Beyoncé and Jay-Z's $200 million home

Fans criticize Beyoncé and Jay-Z's $200 million home

Beyoncé and Jay-Z definitely dropped jaws last week when news broke that the pair spent $200 million to buy a luxury home in Malibu, breaking a California home sale record in the process. But that doesn't mean social media users are entirely impressed by the look of the property, which was designed by 81-year-old Tadao Ando, ​​a Pritzker Prize-winning architect who is among the discipline's most respected names.

"All the charm of an empty Costco distribution center. They could have bought a prison since it looks identical. Money saved too!"

The family's new SoCal spread sits on 8 acres in the famously affluent beach enclave. With a massive 42,000 square feet, they bought it from Bill Bell, who is one of the biggest art collectors in the world. On Thursday, the Wall Street Journal reported that homes designed by Ando, ​​who is based in Osaka, Japan, are extremely rare with cult followings. Newly popular with the A-list, with a clientele that includes Kim Kardashian and her ex-husband Kanye West, there are fewer than 20 Ando-designed residences in the US.

"West had intended to buy the Malibu home himself last year for a higher sum, until his erratic behavior and anti-Semitic comments ruined his earnings."

The newspaper added that, due to Ando's famous exposure to architectural reinforced concrete, construction tends to be much more expensive than that of a regular house, and customers must go to great lengths to see the final product through to completion. Bell and his wife Maria spent 12 years building their now-defunct home. But one man's skill seems to be another man's bane, at least on Twitter.

"They really spent $200 million on prison walls. WWII bunker?"

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