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Fifi shocks the audience with the recitation of the KLA March

Fifi shocks the audience with the recitation of the KLA March

The singer Fifi, recently on the show "Let me talk" has shocked the audience with her performance.

While talking about family life, career and her new experience in "DWTS", Fifi did not hesitate to perform a recitation of the KLA March, performed in the original version by Arif Vladi, in honor of Kosovo.

The interpretation of the singer has shocked and excited the public, interpretation which comes after the murder of one of the police officers in Kosovo, during an attack by a Serbian group in Banjska.

The recital is of course dedicated to the entire Kosovo Police, but in particular to the late policeman Afrim Bunjaku, who was killed in the line of duty.

 " I have experienced it absolutely very hard, since I have uncles from Mitrovica and I have them from there, and it is quite hard with the family members there, even though they are not in the north, but they are still in Mitrovica. It is quite difficult to want to think about something happening again or a situation like 99 returning, I would not like it to happen" , said Fifi.

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