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Fascinated by ancient Rome, Mark Zuckerberg names his children after Roman emperors

Fascinated by ancient Rome, Mark Zuckerberg names his children after Roman

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla recently welcomed their third child together. The happy news was announced by the founder of Meta on his Instagram social network. The 38-year-old revealed that their third child is a girl they have named Aurelia Chan Zuckerberg. Meanwhile, Mark has long been fascinated by ancient Rome. Proof of this are the names he gave to his daughters Maxima, August and Aurelia.

Meanwhile, the newborn girl's name Aurelia is a reference to the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. The 38-year-old's first daughter is called Maxima, which is a form of the Latin name Maximus. The second daughter is named Augustus, after the Roman emperor Augustus, who Zuckerberg considers one of the most fascinating figures in history. His obsession with Rome began before he became a father.

In a 2018 interview with the New Yorker, he said he became interested in ancient Rome while studying Latin in high school.

"There are so many good, bad and complex figures. I think Emperor Augustus is one of the most fascinating. With a tough approach, he established 200 years of world peace."

When Zuckerberg and Chan married in 2012, they honeymooned in Rome.

"My wife used to make fun of me, saying there were three of us on our honeymoon: me, her and Augustus. There were different sculptures of the emperor Augustus in all the pictures."

Recall that Zuckerberg and his wife, a philanthropist, met at a party they were both attending as Harvard students in 2003. They started dating from there and married 9 years later in 2012, just one day after Facebook went public and held an intimate ceremony in their backyard.

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