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Klaudia Pepa has been awarded an important award as an actress

Klaudia Pepa has been awarded an important award as an actress

Klaudia Pepa is one of the most talked about public figures in Albania and Italy, where she has been given the epithet "Signorina Waw". Recently, in addition to ballet, Klaudia has also excelled in films, where she has shown her talent in acting and confessed that she dreams of making a film where she plays the role of a protagonist in a film similar to "Black Swan".

It seems that she is reaping a lot of success in cinematography as well. Recently, Klaudia shared with her followers on social media that she won an award at the 'Best International Film Festival' in Romania for her role in 'Lights Off'. The ballerina has been honored with the "Mention honorable de la meilleure actrice" award.

"You cannot understand my happiness! For my first steps as an actress this is a great pleasure. Thank you Best International Film Festival (Romania) for this award. Work always pays off "- she wrote on Instagram.

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"Light off" is a short film where Klaudia is the protagonist as an actress and dancer. This film is about dance, dreams, loves and mistakes, delicately touching on the important theme of disability without falling into the usual clichés.

Recently, we watch Klaudia Pepa every Monday on TV Klan in the dance show "Dance Albanie", where she has been entrusted with the role of a member of the jury. Klaudia has shown in interviews that at first she was afraid of this 'challenge', to judge people who are not ballerinas on the screen. 

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