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Who is the Albanian girl who broke Drake's heart?

Who is the Albanian girl who broke Drake's heart?

Yesterday, Drake released the video clip "Polar Opposites" with Albanian symbols, where it was announced that it is a dedication to an Albanian girl.

According to the media, "Mariana" in the rapper's text is a model girl whose image has been revealed. She is not from Tirana but from Prishtina and is a Fashion Designer. She studied pharmaceuticals in London and then moved to New York, where after her studies she opened her own fashion brand.  

In the lyrics, Drake talks about a girl who has "blocked" him on social media and whom he calls "immature" and "bipolar." 

Part of the lyrics of the song

Why should you listen to propaganda?

We just broke the ice and now you're both leaving

I was polite, I don't understand you

You have to let your sister be the voice of reason

Or am I reading your message wrong

Or are your actions simply deceiving me?"

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