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"I'm opening a new chapter in other people's minds," perhaps Capital T bluntly teased Noizy two days before the concert

"I'm opening a new chapter in other people's minds," perhaps

On August 14, the concert announced by Noizy, entitled "Alpha Show", will be held. According to the rapper, this concert will be the biggest ever organized in Albania.

Meanwhile, the Kosovar rapper, Capital T, has become nostalgic for his concert performed three years ago in Tirana. According to Capital T, he gathered over 10,000 people in the square and his concert stage was one of the biggest that was built in the Balkans.

"I don't give myself credit or credit for what I have, I'm just opening a new chapter in the minds of others", is written in the video published by the rapper.

"Almost 3 years since TIME CAPSULE more than 10 thousand people one of the biggest stages
ever built in the Balkans, rgb strips you see the band ColdPlay and some big world names about 2 hours completely live performance with the band this was a dream accomplished and a huge milestone in my career also a huge step for the entire music industry of every genre”, is the caption of the video and is being interpreted as an open jab at Noizy.


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