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New court filings released: Jolie claims Pitt abused her and children 'emotionally and physically'

New court filings released: Jolie claims Pitt abused her and children

The couple split in 2016, with Jolie filing for divorce just five days after the alleged abusive incident took place on a plane. Claims have now emerged in a battle over a French vineyard. According to new court filings, Angelina Jolie accused Brad Pitt of "emotionally and physically abusing" the actress and her children.

Jolie alleged that a series of violent incidents occurred during a plane trip in September 2016, which eventually led to her filing for divorce. The allegations, which Pitt strongly denied at the time, were originally made during a custody battle but have now emerged in a cross-complaint by Jolie as part of the former couple's ongoing legal dispute over the sale of their vineyard to ownership in the south. of France.

While the allegations were made at the time of the divorce, they were contained in a redacted FBI report. A representative for Pitt, who was not authorized to speak publicly, vehemently denied Jolie's allegations and called them "another relapse that only hurts the family."

In the new documents, filed Wednesday, the 47-year-old said Pitt " verbally assaulted" her and "assaulted" one of his six children.

"Throughout the long overnight flight, Pitt was physically and emotionally abusive toward Jolie and their children, who were then between the ages of 8 and 15," the documents state.

"After that flight, for the well-being of her family, Jolie decided to file for divorce."

Pitt 'choked' one of his children before pouring beer and red wine on them They claim that Pitt's "aggressive behavior" started before the flight, but as soon as he got on the plane, he "choked" one of his children and "struck another in the face" when they stepped in to defend each other.

"Some of the children begged Pitt to stop. They were all scared. Many were crying," the filing said. The documents further allege that Pitt continued aggressively, swearing at the family and at one point "pouring beer and red wine on the children."

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