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Signs that your partner is cheating on you

Signs that your partner is cheating on you

They spend more time on the phone or computer
I always see with the phone in hand, but when it is written, they want a long time to answer. If your partner is constantly texting, it could be a sign that he is engaging in an emotional relationship. Other signs include keeping the phone away from where you are and switching to a safe position when you ask questions.

Know a lot about a colleague or friend
It is normal to know details from a friend or colleague's personal life. The problem is when boundaries are crossed. If your partner starts to know a lot of things, such as details about another person’s sexual behaviors or his or her life as a couple, it could be a sign that their relationship is very intimate. If you notice this behavior, you should talk to him. A good partner will put an end to these conversations if they make you feel embarrassed.

Stop talking to you
This goes hand in hand with what we said above. If your partner has started having these intimate conversations, which are the daily bread of emotional betrayal, chances are they will stop sharing things with you. After all they have another person to trust. If they suddenly 'forget' to tell you important things that are happening in their lives, you can probably bet they are telling someone else first.

Accusing you of cheating
Even though you are accused of cheating emotionally, or normally, it can be a sign that your partner is projecting his feelings of guilt on you, especially if the accusation comes from the left field. Your partner may know that what you are doing is wrong, even if you are not physically cheating. If so, they may try to remove their guilt or distract you by delegating the blame.

Ka diçka që nuk shkon
Ndonjëherë dëshmia më e mirë që keni është para jush (ose brenda jush). Nëse partneri juaj nuk i shfaq shenjat e mësipërme, por prapë e ndjeni se diçka po ndodh, duhet t’i besoni instinktit tuaj. Shkenca këtë e quan fenomen kornizë të përpunimit parashikues.
Truri juaj e ka krijuar lidhjen para se të arrijë ndërgjegjësimin e vetëdijshëm. Pra, nëse mendoni se partneri juaj po ju tradhton emocionalisht, ka shumë mundësi që të keni të drejtë.
Despite the above signs, it is important to talk to your partner before drawing conclusions. No one wants to risk losing a valuable relationship for some insecurities. But if you can not calm yourself down or if your partner refuses to change his or her actions, it may be time to reevaluate the relationship.

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