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A bus crashes in Montenegro, 2 dead

A bus crashes in Montenegro, 2 dead

At least two people died and others were injured, as a result of the crash of a bus on the Cetinje - Budva highway, in the town of Obzovica.

The police of Montenegro said that the bus fell on a rock.

It is believed that there were 30 passengers on the bus, who left from Nikshiqi.

"Many passengers have suffered minor and some serious injuries, and are being treated by medical staff," the police said.

The Department for Emergency Situations has said that all its units are in a state of readiness to provide assistance.

The State Prosecutor is also dealing with this case.

An operation to remove the injured from the bus has already started and traffic is blocked on the entire highway that connects the two cities.

Firefighters are said to be using ropes to pull passengers./rel

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