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What do Albanians gain from the new government in North Macedonia?

What do Albanians gain from the new government in North Macedonia?

The leadership of six ministries and the post of seven deputy ministers in the new Government of North Macedonia, which has a total of 24 ministries, is the hand that the Albanians with the VLEN coalition have received from the power of VMRO-DPMNE and Prime Minister Hristijan Mickoski.

The mandate to govern North Macedonia, the name of which he even disputes, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, started by talking about the need to avoid the Bulgarian veto for membership in the European Union, promising that during the mandate as prime minister will not allow the adoption of constitutional amendments.

Based on this statement and the new composition of the Government, Albanian journalists in North Macedonia say that there is little hope that the objectives of the Albanian parties will become reality.

"It seems that the members of VLEN, which consists of 5 subjects, 4 original ones here in North Macedonia and from the Vetevendosja of the prime minister, Albin Kurti, have not adhered to an agreement signed before the start of the election campaign that the amendment of the Constitution will to be a red line for the coalition with the VMRO-DPMNE party", stated Seladin Xhezairi - a journalist from North Macedonia.

Xhezairi says that among the only projects that the Government has in its program that is important for Albanians, is the construction of highways in corridor 8, while regarding the road with a tunnel from Tetova to Prizren, he adds that the VLEN coalition has failed to include it in the program Mickoski.

These are not the only movements related to the Albanian factor. Serbian Ivan Stoilkovic, whose activities and beliefs are considered very problematic, has been appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Ethnic Relations.

"He who has been making regular visits to Moscow since 2019 and is a participant in the so-called security conference in Moscow organized by the Russian Secret Service and in which, as is evident, he was together with Aleksandar Vulin, then the head of the BIA- of Serbia", said Burim Ramadani - former chief inspector of KIA. 

According to the former chief inspector of the KIA, Stoilkovic is known for strict anti-Albanian attitudes, as a supporter of Putin and Russian influence, as a supporter of the "Serbian World" and even with documents as a worker of the Serbian BIA and recently glorified the terrorists and Radojčić's group that committed aggression and killed the sergeant, Afrim Bunjaku.

Although they do not dispute the pro-Serb and pro-Russian orientation of Stoilkovic, a journalist from North Macedonia, they are of the opinion that his behavior in power will be different.

"Mickoski, according to what I think, he intends to take as many non-majority communities as possible, and in the context of the political game, I think that Mickoski is not as naive and as irrational as they are presenting him to not pay attention to the type of this politician who has been controversial", stated Fatos Rushiti - journalist from North Macedonia.

In the Government with 24 Ministers, the Albanian parties of the VLEN coalition will lead six of them and will have the post of deputy ministers in seven ministries./RTV Dukagjini

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