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Croatian media: Vučić addresses the Serbian people like Milosevic in 2000

Croatian media: Vučić addresses the Serbian people like Milosevic in 2000

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić suggested to the opposition, one day after the fifth mass protests, where his resignation from the post of the head of state was also demanded, to propose in the parliament a referendum on the confidence in the President of the Republic and repeated that the power will not change in road.

Vučić told reporters after the ceremony marking the Day of the Ministry of the Interior and the Day of the Police that if the opposition does not have enough votes, the initiative will be supported by the governing coalition and then the citizens will decide in a referendum, Croatian media Index writes .

The fifth in a series of "Serbia against violence" protests, which began after two tragic mass shootings with 18 victims in a school and two villages near Belgrade, brought together tens of thousands of people who oppose the incitement and promotion of violence in political life.

Protesters surrounded the seat of the President of Serbia in a procession through the central streets of the city and, holding the government responsible for the increase and tolerance of violence in society, left him numerous critical messages and calls for him to leave.

Vucic reacted three times

After Saturday's protest, Vucic reacted three times on social networks. That same evening, in a video message on Instagram, he called on citizens to "unite despite differences"; "Let's turn all the differences into our strengths, but let's start dealing with serious problems."

A second message followed on Instagram with the same intonation, calling for unity and joint action, but also with the assessment that they are trying to topple him from the outside.

"Someone from abroad is not destroying Serbia because of some Vucic, but they are overthrowing a Vucic because of Serbia. For them, it is important that Serbia be as weak as possible. We must work for Serbia to be stronger, to be stronger" , said Vucic in a video message, the content of which was later posted on Twitter.

Comparisons of Vucic's message to an almost identical statement by former Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic before he was toppled by protests on October 5, 2000 after an election in which he refused to concede defeat quickly surfaced on social media.

"They are not attacking Serbia because of Milosevic, but they are attacking Milosevic because of Serbia," Milosevic said at the time.

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