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Serbia "threatens" UEFA: Punish Serbia and Croatia, or we leave the European

Serbia "threatens" UEFA: Punish Serbia and Croatia, or we leave the

The Serbian national team has threatened UEFA that it will leave the European championship, which is being held in Germany, if it does not punish Albania and Croatia. According to Serbian representatives, during the Croatia-Albania match, Croatian and Albanian fans directed nationalist calls against Serbia.

General Secretary of the FSS, Jovan Šurbatovic, General Secretary of the FSS, said that the national team of Serbia will leave the European championship if the Albanian and Croatian football federations are not punished.

He claims that in the 59th minute of yesterday's match between the two national teams, the Croatian and Albanian fans started chanting the slogans "Kill, kill Serbia".

"FSS will demand the strictest measures from UEFA, even at the cost of not continuing the competition. This is scandalous and we don't want it to happen again," Šurbatovic told RTS. "We want fans who shouted unacceptable slogans to be punished draconianly. We don't know what that means exactly."

He continued to talk about the controversial events and thanked the European Football Association for withdrawing the accreditation of the Albanian journalist Arlind Sadiku who, according to them, provoked the Serbs.

" We will appeal to UEFA for today's events. They have nothing to do with sports and football. We do not want to politicize the championship," says Shurbatovic.

UEFA fined Serbia a total of 14,500 euros.

"We are punished, but these are individual cases. We are punished because of one individual for a racist insult. It is not us. We do not want it to be attributed to our fans. We welcome everyone with an open heart and that is What are we known for, I appeal against Slovenia and Denmark, let's be gentlemen" , explains Shurbatovic.

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