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Protest tomorrow, Berisha warns the police: Do not provoke the protesters! You will be punished

Protest tomorrow, Berisha warns the police: Do not provoke the protesters! You

The president of the SP, Sali Berisha, in a statement to the media, warned all police officers not to try to obstruct the protest called for tomorrow, July 7.

Berisha said that any pressure, attempt to intimidate or violate the citizens, will be registered and the effective will receive personal punishment. Berisha called on the State Police not to provoke the protesters.

"A call for every Albanian to join the July 7 protest tomorrow, to demand the resignation and removal of Edi Rama and the governors of his government from power. The situation is extremely heated. Dissatisfaction and hatred for this government has skyrocketed. Her insensitivity is also just as great. Let's not forget that nothing can defeat a just cause. Therefore, I use this opportunity to invite every citizen of this country to contribute with his presence to the success of the protest. I warn all types of police, that every pressure, every attitude, every attempt to intimidate, to violate, to hinder, the opposition people, will be recorded and will receive a deserved personal legal punishment. I warn not to provoke the protesters. It is true that the heat and temperatures are high, but higher are the internal temperatures of the people who come to protest against this regime. So tomorrow is a big day. Tomorrow is a day of inspiration, a day of real struggle. The opposition comes down to the square. Edi Rama is invited to consider his resignation as soon as possible", said Berisha.

Regarding the possible scenarios of the protest, Berisha said that the essence is the fight for freedom and against injustices.

"I have a number that will be a huge, massive protest. The scenarios of the protest are clear, it is a battle for freedom and against the injustices faced by these citizens" , said Berisha.

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