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'Bar houses' on Tik Tok, the MEP is harsh with the Albanian 'VIPs': They make fun of Britain, where is the border force?

'Bar houses' on Tik Tok, the MEP is harsh with the Albanian

The former leader of the Brexit party and MEP, Nigel Farage, has been harsh with the British government, after an investigation by "Express UK" , which showed how Albanian influencers use Tik Tok to promote "grass houses" and illegal immigration to Great Britain.

During an interview with GB News, Farage hit out at the border force, saying Albanian celebrities are mocking the UK, urging criminals to travel to Britain to "get rich" quick.

"We have a police force? We have a border force. What are they doing, Zak? " he said.

Farage criticized TikTok and Instagram for monetizing Kozak Brac's social media exploits.

Journalist Zak-Garner Purkis, who carried out the investigation, said criminals were "laughing in the face of the police" by praising Britain's illegal drug production online. Tik Tok personality Braci revealed how drug dealers can apparently earn up to £6,000 a month.

The Express UK investigation revealed that one of the country's most famous internet personalities, Alex Visha, rose to prominence through live online tours of UK cannabis farms and brazen bragging about his criminal exploits and of his brother, Dori.

Alex, the so-called "King of TikTok", claims in a clip obtained by the Express that he oversees a British drug empire that produces "1,200, 1,500 or 2,300 plants every two months". In another, he calls out his brother Dor Visha - who himself has over 100,000 followers - to celebrate a "harvest".

Albanian-language videos promoting UK drug farms have been posted on TikTok and Instagram for years. From digital wanted posters asking for information on thieves to clips of violent robberies, the extensive evidence gathered by the Express showed that networks are being used by gangs as a tool for crime.

Dor and Aleks Visha are not alone in sharing these types of videos. Express research uncovered viral content in the Albanian language, viewed millions of times, which promoted the lifestyle of UK drug workers who had traveled illegally to Britain.

Kozak Braci confessed in an interview to the English journalist of "Express UK" that he is not the only one who went live with them and that he did not know at first that they were in the shepherd's house.

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