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Rama repeats the same refrain: One day we will marry the EU

Rama repeats the same refrain: One day we will marry the EU


While he is in Berlin at the new international forum "Berlin Global Dialogue", Prime Minister Rama also spoke about Albania's integration into the European Union, for which there is a continuous refrain.

Rama continues to mention the famous "marriage" between the EU and Albania, which seems to be impossible to achieve. The Albanian prime minister has repeatedly mentioned this phrase in meetings with senior EU officials, and not only.

Among other things, he expressed his conviction that one day Albania will "marry" the EU.

"If there is a difference between BP countries that do not have a state tradition and other countries on other continents, it is that we are blessed to have the EU, which is an amazing source of information for this. Being able to use this knowledge to build a state, a functioning democracy, that is the objective. Whether we are officially a member today or tomorrow is not up to us. I must also confess that I have sometimes felt traumatized by the endless process of opening negotiations. I am sure that one day we will marry the EU, but when, I don't know," said Rama.


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