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Tensions at the Security Commission/ Flamur Noka takes the seat of Nasip Naço

Tensions at the Security Commission/ Flamur Noka takes the seat of Nasip

The opposition MPs blocked this Wednesday the Security Committee where the agreement with Italy for immigrants was to be discussed.

Deputy Flamur Noka, who is the vice-chairman of the Commission, sat in the chairman's chair, Nasip Naço taking his place.

They have not allowed the meeting where it was expected to discuss the pact reached between Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and the head of the government, Edi Rama for bringing to Albania immigrants who are caught at sea in two bases in Lezhë.

" The first thing that should pass is the agreement to respect the Constitution, the second agreement to mark the free vote and not to consider it a market commodity, the third agreement to fight the corruption that Albania was sown by stealing from this government, and the fourth, to fight crime because crime, corruption and illegality are prevailing in Albania", said Noka, while Nasip Naço was standing next to him.

The opposition MPs have not spared the ironies, while Bardhi can be heard telling Naço that the Socialist MPs had also boycotted him today.

Meanwhile, Ervin Salianji says that with this show, the opposition MPs are left to say; May your dreams be blessed, for good and in joys', while Noka bangs her hand on the table in protest.

After opposition MPs blocked the Commission, the majority was forced to move the discussions to Zoom.

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